What is BetterSpace?

BetterSpace is a provider of architectural design service online. We are the simple, fast and affordable alternative to hiring a brick-and-mortar architect.

How do I get started?

Choose one of our fixed-price service packages or request an instant quote for a tailor-made service that fits your needs. If you are not sure which service suits you best – click here to find out more about our service. 
To get started, we’ll ask you a few questions about your property and your design intentions. If you choose to have a tailor-made service we’ll present an instant online quote. Your information will be reviewed by our team and we’ll be ready to start working the next day.”

Can I see an example?

Sure! Check out the finished projects on our homepage
Still Unclear? If you would like to see more specific examples – let us know! You can use our chat widget at the bottom right of this screen, or email us to [email protected]

Using our Online Platform

Our service is carried out start to finish through our unique online platform accessible via your computer or smartphone. You receive a quote, provide information about your property and design intensions, stay in touch with your appointed designer and keep track of progress using our platform. You will be able to review work-in-progress drafts, comment and ask for amendments leading to the delivery of your final document

What methods of payment do you accept?

At this point – you can make payments using your paypal account or by card using Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

I cannot complete the order process. Can you help?

We make every effort possible to ensure your online experience is smooth. In case you are experiencing technical problems with the site, please double-check that you are following the instructions correctly. If the problems persist – please contact us using the live chat app on our homepage, or send us an email to [email protected] If we cannot fix the problem, we will process your order manually.

What kind of file format to you accept?

If you cannot upload your file in the ‘personalised floorplan design’ request form, please check the file format and size. We accept PDF, JPEG, JPG and PNG files of up to 15mb. You are able to upload multiple files.

What if I don’t have drawings of my current layout?

We rely on you to provide all the information necessary for us to redesign your space. In some cases, we can provide a service without having a drawing of your space, providing we have other information such as measurements and photos. Drawing up a basic floorpan is easier than you may think and we strongly recommend that you do make a sketch of your current space, in case one is not yet available to you.

If you purchased your property recently, try asking your estate agent for a drawing. If you are considering to buy a property – your estate agent must be able to provide you with a floorplan.

How do I draw my own floorplan?

If you still can’t get hold of the current floor plan – you can easily draw up a rough paper sketch, use a basic software such as powerpoint, or create a floorplan using one of the many online service available such as homestyler, RoomSketcher of gliffy and apps such as MagicPlan or RoomScan. If you choose to draw your own paper plan, we suggest you make an initial draft and then copy it to a clean drawing using a ruler. First, draw the visible shape of the room, placing windows and doors where you think they are in relation to the walls. Using a checkered paper for the draft will help keep the scale and ratio of the different spaces.
Once you are done, measure the walls (including the door and window frames) and write the measurements by the respective walls. It is always good to measure twice to avoid mistakes.

What details should be included in the plan of my current space?

A floorpan is a top view of your space. It includes shapes and dimensions of all interior walls (between rooms) and exterior walls (outer walls) as well as all other fixed features such as doors and windows. In order to redesign your space, we need to know as much as possible about your current layout. This includes:
• The shape of your space, including all inner and outer walls.
• the size and position of all doors and windows
• If possible – details of any fixed obstacles (such as pillars).
• Measurements of all of the above in centimetres. This will be the length and width only. We only require height information in special circumstances.

I have large paper drawing of my current space. How can I send it to you?

We suggest you take photographs using your camera or smartphone. Take photo of the whole page and then as many closer photos, in which the details are visible of the different sections of the plan. Make sure that the section photos overlap so that we can piece them back together.

I have a paper drawing, how can I send you a digital file?

You can either scan or photograph your paper drawing. If your drawing is big, you need to make sure that all the details are visible. We need one view showing the whole page and then as many closer photos, in which the details are visible, of the different sections of the plan. Make sure that the section photos overlap so that we can piece them back together.
How do i get in touch with you? We are always here to help! You can contact us using the live chat app on our homepage, the contact form on our homepage or by email to [email protected]

What is live chat?

Live Chat is a tool that allows you to exchange messages in real time with one of our staff members. It’s the quickest and easiest way to ask quick questions and resolve usability issues.

What is your cookie policy?

Cookies are use on our site. By using our website you agree to the use of cookies and other technologies. If you do not agree to such use, please refrain from using the website.

Will you keep my credit card and other personal details?

We do not keep your credit card details. We use the highly reputable 3rd party company ‘Stripe’ to process all payments.

I need the design urgently, how quickly can you deliver the redesign?

In some cases we can offer a 48 hours delivery. If your project is urgent – please get in touch by emailing [email protected]

What if I want to make a change to your proposed design?

Your full satisfaction is our priority and we always try to meet the goals you specified. If you require amendments to our proposed design we will provide it with no extra charge as long as your feedback is provided within 30 days. If you wish to change the requirements previously provided – there may be an extra charge. If you don’t like our design and you do not want us to make amendments, please let us know within 30 days of starting the project – you will get a full refund.

What if you can’t meet all my goals?

We always try to meet the goals you specified, however, this may not always be possible. If you have any must-have goals, please let us know using the free text section of your design brief. If we can’t meet your goals, we will contact you to discuss the best compromise. If you are unhappy with the final outcome, we offer as part of our satisfaction guarantee to amend our proposal at no extra charge or, if you do not like our design and you do not wish to make amendments – we offer full reimbursement.

What will be included in the final delivery?

This deliverable items depend on the service you chose and they are always clearly shown in your project dashboard.
Can you provide a plan in metric and imperial units? Yes, we can. By default, we use metric units. If you require imperial unites, please let us know upfront.

Can you provide a design that is wheelchair accessible, or one that is friendly for people with disabilities?

Yes, we can. If you require a design that is optimised for people with disabilities – please let us know.

Will your plans meet my local building codes?

Yes we do, however, unless you select our structural calculation service – you’ll need to involve a structural engineer when making structural changes. If you did not select our structural calculation service – we will meet the local building codes in respect of the layout design only and you will need to investigate any restrictions with the local authority and seek advice from a structural engineer who has experience with similar work in your area.

What do I need to know about local building and zoning requirements?

Each area has it’s own rules and regulations. Your starting point for all relevant information should always be the planning department at your local authority. Inspecting other properties in your area may also provide relevant information about what is allowed in your area. Bear in mind that the location, age and style of your property may affect the level of alteration permitted. In the majority of cases, cosmetic changes to the interior of your property do not require permission. Any structural changes are likely to require permission and you will also need to draft in a structural engineer to validate the new design. Changes affecting the rear of the house are normally easier to get approved than those affecting the front facade.

How accurate are your drawings?

Our drawings follow top industry standards and are produced be experienced architectural designers. However, unless the service you choose includes a site inspection – we base our drawings on the information we receive from you, so our finished drawings will be as accurate as the information you provided.

Will your plan be sufficient for a planning application?

Yes, but that depends on the service you choose. We provide detailed drawings as part of these services:

– Planning Applications
– Construction Drawings

– Building Regulation drawings

How do you know which walls or other structural elements can be altered?

If your service includes a site inspection – our expert will be able to check for structural walls. If it doesn’t – we rely on our years of professional experience and a great knowledge of typical UK property types and common construction used. We always aim to find solutions that minimise structural changes, unless instructed otherwise by you. In all architectural projects – If your design incorporates structural modifications – a professional structural engineer must be consulted prior to any progress in work.

Will I need to use an engineer in conjunction with your service?

If your design incorporates structural changes – then yes. Whether you use our structural engineer or not – a professional structural engineer must be consulted with prior to any progress in work. Your local authority’s planning office, as well as your builder may be able to advise you on finding a reputable structural engineer.

Why should I use your service?

We provide a personalised design service for a fraction of the price you would normally pay an architect for a similar service.
Do you offer a low price guarantee? Our service is unique and it is unlikely you will find a similar one, let alone cheaper! But if you think you found one, we will happily refund the difference!

What are your terms of business?

Check out the terms and conditions here

I already have a design proposal from an architect. Can you help me review it?

Yes we can. We can offer a professional review of your current proposal free of charge. Please use the consultation booking feature at the bottom of our homepage.

I already have an architect but I am not happy with their design proposal. Can you help me fix it?

Yes we can. We are frequently asked to review, suggest ideas and redraw plans for customers who feel unhappy with their architect’s proposals. When this is the case, contact us via the live chat button at the bottom of the page or by email.

I want to add an extension to my property. Can you advise me on the available options?

Yes we can. We have extensive experience in designing building extensions. However, local regulations vary from house to house, area to area and we rely on you to provide information on what’s acceptable in your circumstances. You may wish to contact your local authority to ask for guidelines concerning your specific property and inspect other extensions built in your neighbourhood. Once we know the specific restriction – we can advise you on the best extension layout.

Can you help with my planning applications?

Yes we can. Choose our Planning Application service.

Can you recommend other related professionals such as contractors, engineers?

Unfortunately, not at this point. We are looking into adding this service in the future.

Will my builder know how to follow your plan?

Yes. The plans we provide follow industry standards. They are detailed and include measurements and design comments. The 3D pictures we offer can also offer reference to surface covers and other finishes.