Which Service do I Need?

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Buying a property?

If you are in the process of buying a property and you intend to renovate it – we can help you make an informed decision. You can use our fairly priced Floorplan Redesign service to assess whether the prospective property is right for you. Through this service we can help you validate your goals, explore all viable design solutions that would make the available space fit your expectations and get the feel of the renovated space through immersive 3D visuals. If your decision is time critical – contact us as we may be able to offer a speedy service. To get started, we only need a basic illustration of the current layout which is usually provided by your estate agent.

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If you only need initial advice or some basic sketches drawn up Click Here to get an online quote for our Pre-Purchase Consultation service.

Looking for a new design?

Every project is unique, but a well designed homes always starts with a well designed floorplan. If you wish to improve the existing layout of your home, we offer two fixed-price design services – a floorplan re-design service and a layout optimisation service. If you intend to add, remove or change the position of walls – our floorplan re-design service is the right service for you. If you would like to keep walls were they are, our layout optimisation service will help you optimise your space by identifying the type and position of fixtures, fitting and furniture.

Click here to learn more about our floorplan re-design service and layout optimisation service. If you already have a layout in mind, we can help you visualise your design and communicate it to others through immersive 3D artwork.

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Gaining the right permissions

Once you found the right design for your home, you may be required to gain planning permission from your local authority before any work can take place. We can help you apply for planning permits even if you had your floorplan designed elsewhere and If you are not sure whether you need to apply for planning permissions, you can contact us for a free consultation. As part of our planning application service we will ensure that your design complies with your local regulations, conduct a site inspection and produce detailed drawings that would help communicate the proposed design to your local authority. If needed – we can also provide structural calculations and structural drawings to support your application.

The price for this service varies depending on your specific circumstances.

Click Here to get an online quote. If you already submitted an application and need our advice or help with an appeal – please get in touch.

Before construction

If you have an approved design – it’s time to get your renovation project underway. We offer various services that can help you better communicate your plans and give your project a smooth transition from paper to brick and mortar. Our Construction Drawings service includes extensive floorplan drawings, side elevations and mechanical drawings that provide extra information, especially for areas that require special attention over and above the information provided in the initial floorplan. Our Tender Pack service includes detailed information about the desired materials and finishes for use in the interior or exterior parts of your building. Our Design and Access Statement service (DAS) includes the creation of a report that details the framework of a proposed development within the site and demonstrates its’ adequate access. A Building Regulations Document covers information concerning the consideration of materials and workmanship across your home. This document covers structural matters concerning Fire safety, Access to and Use of the Building, Sound Insulation and Energy Conservation. The price for these service depends on your design and specific circumstances,

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Finding the right builder

With an approved plan and detailed documentation you are on the right track to finding a suitable builder. Our Budget Estimation service will give you a benchmark by which to evaluate your potential builders and their quotes. With our Vendor Assessment Service we can help you review and evaluate your builders’ proposal and guide you through the selection process.

Need help with your ongoing project?

Has your renovation project already started? Have you already got an architect and you need a second opinion? For any advice or assistance, visit out homepage to schedule a free 15-minute consultation with one of our experts.