Dressing Rooms

By Rachel Ogden, Living etc. Magazine,  January 2018

Take it to the limit

Your’e unlikely to spend a long time in your dressing area. So the typical advice that applies to other rooms can be more flexible, such as taking the cupboards as high as they’ll go. Floor-to-ceiling units make the most of space, pleas the’ll look neater than wardrobes with boxes on top. “Maximise your space by using the entire height” says Avi Mittelman, founder of BetterSpace. “Make sure the items you use daily are all within easy reach but include high shelves for luggage and out -of-season clothes. Don’t worry about getting them down again, there are plenty of ready-made contraptions to help you.” Glass-fronted doors are ideal for reminding you of what’s stored up high plus they’ll help break up a solid bank of units.