Creating a Multi-Functional Space

Our client wanted her living space to allow her family to re-connect.  The result showed that beauty can also be functional, giving the space a much better flow with an improved inside-outside connection.



When our client first contacted us, she asked for a new layout that would be light and open and allowed for better interaction between her family member as they move about the house.

She wanted to create a family space on the ground floor of her house near Darlington, UK. 



Wishing to make an informed decision, the client asked us to compare a few options before the renovation started. Her goal was to open up the existing layout and turn it into a multi-functional space in which all family members could interact while cooking, watching TV or doing homework. The solution involved adding an extension while keeping enough space for a seamlessly linked hosting space in the garden.


Layout Option 1




Layout Option 1

The current layout formed a dark and narrow entrance and the living space was lacking enough storage space, so it was important to add natural light and make the new open space practical, with enough space to coats, bags, shoes and post which has been an eyesore everywhere.

In the kitchen, the client asked for a nice worktop as well as seating and dining areas.



Having presented two possible options by our designer, Chris, the client asked to combine both options, creating a formal entry and a mostly retained kitchen incorporated with a laundry area.



The utility room was combined with storage under the stairs and the powder room was made accessible via a small hallway lined with cabinets.