Focusing on the Flow

Our client from Adelaide, Australia asked us to re-design the internal layout of his detached house, focusing on making the best use of available space




Improving the flow of an old house does not always require an extension.  Our client’s wish was to improve the out-date flow of his house within the existing footprint. In particular, he asked us to optimise the kitchen layout and the bathroom, toilet and laundry areas with a focus on making the best use of available space and adding lots of storage.


Ground Floor: Existing layout


First Floor: Existing layout



Our designer, Mark, proposed a large prep counter is facing the dining room / living room space which allows for easy observation of children and entertainment of guests.

The kitchen’s full-height storage would house the oven fridge and microwave and have doors that push back into the cabinet for the pantry section, allowing for ease of use during cooking.


First Floor: New Design Sketch

Mark suggested making a more open laundry which would allow more for a feeling of space. A raised laundry basin, which is pretty standard in Australia, was added in the laundry counter by the external door. The washing machine and dryer would be stacked and concealed inside the cabinetry, as in the kitchen for the oven/microwave/fridge. This would also reduce the noise that may transmit to the living spaces.


The shapes of the bathroom and w.c. are simplified, to allow again for this feeling of space.





Our client loved the simplification of space and the mix of open shelves and cabinetry. Being avid bakers, they were excited about the 1200mm deep pantry and glass sliding doors.