House into Flats – Conversion of a Public Building

A property developer from Newport contacted us to help him divide this space, a ground floor of an old public building, into separate residential units. Our task was to find the best way to divide the space to get the most out of every piece of floor space while creating attractive flats for sale.

The Space

The unit included a 215 m2 hall with high ceiling and high arched windows all around, two attached smaller rooms and a communal entrance hall leading also to other floors. The total floor area that can be used is 235 m2. The owner originally wanted to divide the space into 4 1-bed flats each one about 53 m2.


Our Solution

After carefully analysing the space and particularly considering the large number of windows, and considering that on top of the normal price per m2 a 2-bed flat carries an additional premium for the second bedroom, we suggested that the space would be divided into 3 smaller 1-bed flats, about 50 m2 in size and one 2-bed flat about 60 m2 in size.

The new design makes full use of the large windows; In flats 2 and 3 the living/dining/kitchen area is located at the corner with plenty of natural light coming in from 2 directions.